Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby, Remember Their Names

Okay, so there's some grown up tennis going on right now. The annual Juan Martin del Potro string of US hardcourt tournaments has begun, and people are playing in them. And stuff.

Oh, and also, it's the World Junior Tennis Competition final in Prostejov, Czech Republic, and the Aussie kids are KICKING ARSE.

This is an event for the best players aged under 14 in the world, and considering that Rafa Nadal played here once, I think we can safely say it's a good platform for future stars. Both the Aussie teams have had tough draws, but both have come through wonderfully.

Let's start with the girls, because their upset is probably the biggest one. The Aussie girls were unseeded and upset the second seeds Russia in a huge coup. The real star was probably Ash Barty, who had a massive win in her singles before backing it up in doubles, but Isabella Beischer and Lyann Hong also made huge contributions. Look out for these girls in a few years time - I bet they're going to be huge!

The girls won their tie 2-1, but the boys went one better and made a clean sweep. Thanasi Kokkinakis, Li Tu and Blake Mott played absolutely awesomely to secure Australia the win against the home team, the Czech Republic. This is a massive effort and people should be very proud!

I wish I had more to say about this event, because I think it's really worthwhile. For now, I'll just stick with well done, keep it up and congratulations, kids!

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