Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today, being Boxing Day, is this blog's second birthday. On today, the day most sacred to sport in the Australia calendar, in 2007, I impulsively started writing.

And I forgot to stop.


No, no joking now. The last two years have been a pleasure and it's been a privilege to have so many of you reading. And this blog ain't going anywhere - there's a whole 2010 season to look forward to, full of excitement and thrills and spills and heartache and heartbreak and tears of joy and shots and Federer and all kinds of wonderful things. And there's my fabulous tennis trip in January, which will see me hitting four! count 'em, four! different cities, in pursuit of tennis.

It is somewhat ironic that today is Australia's sacred sporting day and the day on which I was inspired to start this blog and I have very little to say today. But it's the holiday season, and you all have shiny new presents to enjoy and food to eat and sports other than tennis to watch. Be off with you, and stop reading this!

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