Monday, November 1, 2010

Basel O'Clock

You know who hasn't been around for a while? Robin Haase, that Dutch dude. I think of this, of course, because he suddenly is around again, beating Stephane Bohli in Basel, and he's popped his head up a couple of times this year, but mostly... not so much with the being around.

He was one of those young guns a few years ago who was supposed to be heading big places - I remember him taking Lleyton Hewitt to five in the first round of Wimbledon in an awesome match. He reminds me a bit of Gulbis, but I think he just looks like him more than actually being like him.

Anyway. That's all I have to say about that. I hope we see a bit more of Haase playing. I remember really liking his game.

And we cannot talk about Basel without talking about the Basel guy himself, one R Federer. He spent less than an hour on court dismissing Oleksandr Dolgopolov Jr and he was smoking. And then Dolgopolov retired one game away from the finish line, which I thought was pretty poor form - how hard is it to play one extra game and give your opponent the win proper? - but it was still all sunshine for Roger. Keep it coming.

...oh, and why is Stan Wawrinka playing in Valencia and not Basel? Are he and some Swiss tennis figure or organisation or something having a fight?


breezybee said...

I take it you didn't see the match?

Dogopolov fell during Fed's service game and messed up his ankle pretty badly. They had to attend to him right in the middle of the court. He couldn't stand or walk. I guess he could have crawled to the baseline so that Roger could finish serving but that seems a bit much.

TennisAce said...

LOL. I was just about to say what breezybee just said. Sometimes they really cannot even walk when they get injured. I swear Federer has had more retirements this year than Kim Clijsters has had babies

Jodi said...

Ah, that makes much more sense now. That will learn me right for running off my mouth before I actually see the match! Sorry, Dolgopolov!