Monday, February 22, 2010

Andy Roddick's Bridesmaids

You know who I haven't been that impressed with lately? Sam Querrey. You know who I have been impressed with? John Isner. So you can imagine my surprise when the Memphis final turned out the way it is.

Since James Blake slid down the rankings like melting butter, the search has been on for the next American wunderkind. Mardy Fish was a little old for the job, and Sam Querrey seemed to be the prime candidate. He had a few seriously quality months last year where he scored some awesome wins. And then he sat on that glass coffee table and things started not going so well.

Enter Isner. He'd been around for a while, but then he started, you know, being all good. I think his real big break probably came in the US Open last year when he beat Andy Roddick in the third round, but Big John had been coming hard for a while. Both he and Querrey play Karlovician tennis - however, I would argue, that John is more Ivo than Ivo. Ivo may be taller, but John at the net...

I think the reason I am so surprised at this result coming out of Memphis is that Querrey and Isner have similar games - the Dr Ivo style of tennis, based around a monstrous serve. However, Querrey seemed to me to be declining and Isner to be rising, and not just because Querrey fell through that coffee table. It seems to me - and, despite this result, it still does - that Isner and Querrey play the same style, only Isner is better at it.

It happens, I suppose. And Isner did have the match on his racquet in that second set tiebreak. There was some real mental toughness involved in this match - as there always is, I suppose, when you have a match that is centred around tiebreakers. I was still surprised, however... and I'll be interested to see how this rivalry plays out in the future. Because it seems to me that Isner, not Querrey, is going to be Andy Roddick's bridesmaid in the long term.


Kamii :) said...

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Karen said...

I agree with you. I was very disappointed that Isner lost, especially as he was controlling the match from the get go. He had so many chances on Querrey's serve, but kudos to Querrey for hanging tough and not losing his serve. I am not particularly fond of Querrey. He comes across as a bit of a slacker to me and does not seem to care as much about his chosen profession as does Isner. Plus, that cheering squad that goes around with him get on my last damn nerve. Idiots. Anyway, glad to see Isner having a good showing. Now let us hope that they can pull a miracle on clay over Serbia in DC. Not optimistic but with Novak playing like crap these days, and there being no one else in Serbia on the men's side, the Americans could stand a chance (and no, Janko does not count). He only gets it up for top players. Another idiot who thinks so much of himself. Can you believe that fellow is yet to win a singles title? Amazing.