Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alas, Poor Mario

You know who really can't catch a break, poor dude? Mario Ancic.

I think he is an awesome guy and one of the saddest stories of tennis. He is a machine of pure tennis radness when he is well. Unfortunately, it seems like he hasn't been well since about 1874. Remember when he was in the top ten? It seems like it lasted for all of four seconds, when, with his talent, it should have lasted years and years and years. He is one of the most supremely talented people I've seen on court for a long time - I mean, he beat Federer at Wimbledon! - but he just never seems to get well. He just had pull out of Nice.

I suppose the Ancic story is testament to the fact that for every tennis fairy tale there's a quiet tragedy. Alas, poor Mario. I think you're super. Get well. Eventually.

Well, that was depressing. Good news! French Open qualies! John Millman winning his first round match! Yay! Unfortunately none of the other Aussies did - Guccione, Ebden, Jones, Matosevic and Lindahl are all out -but YAY JOHN.

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