Thursday, May 13, 2010

WTA WTF (again)

I kind of wish I hadn't used the headline 'WTA WTF' yesterday, because I want to use it again today. Serena, really?

Come on, Serena. I haven't always been your biggest fan and that you don't peak till the Slams, but I thought I could count of you to keep some semblance of normalcy in this wacky tournament, particularly as pretty much everyone who might be considered competition is out already.

But no. Not to be.

And so we're left with Venus... Jankovic... a few other randoms... and one Sam Stosur.

At this point, I think I might be picking Jankovic to win the tournament, but what a shot for Sam Stosur. She made relatively quick work of Patty Schnyder at the moment and is looking fierce. She's been one of the form players this season - even though 'form' basically constitutes 'losing last' for the WTA these days (though Sam has been playing genuinely well) and a win here in Madrid would not only be HUGE for her career, it would catapult her with a whole ton of momentum into Roland Garros and, I believe, the top five.

Now there is a bit of something.

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Karen said...

I am hopeful that when you have a headline that says WTA, WTF and then go on to name the other women in the draw, I do hope you are not discounting Venus Williams as a WTF is she still doing there moment because in case you have not realised it yet, Venus is the holder of 7 Grand Slams, 43 tour titles, been NO. 1 in the world, a strong advocate of women's tennis, the personification of sportsmanship in women's tennis. I do hope that you are putting her in amongst the lumpen?