Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Richou, Muzz, This is Not Wimbledon 2008

Well, Day 2 put me in a good mood, with a very nice win for my boy Fed and a very entertaining match from Muzz and Richou. Outcome might have not been what I had hoped from that one, but good stuff.

The winners: Fed. I was a bit worried about him coming in and he was ever so slightly scratchy in that first set, but when he put his foot to the accelerator he scorched away. I felt a bit bad for Peter Luczak, but I cannot pretend to be anything less than thoroughly satisified with this match.

Everyone you expected to be a winner was a winner yesterday, pretty much. Not a single seed lost all day, so it seems unfair to single anyone out. I would, however, like to mention Caro Wozniacki. I expected her to be ripe for an upset special, but her performance against Kudryavtseva was nothing short of commanding. Maybe she's not as injured and out of it as I thought she was.

Also Kei Nishikori and Carsten Ball in fierce five set wins. And Sophie Ferguson in a big comeback. Yay.

The losers: I have to go with Richard Gasquet here. Seriously, dude, two sets up against Muzz again? This was that Wimbledon disaster all over again. I know he was tired, but all he had to do was close it out and get off court and it would have been much easier for him. Kudos to Muzz for pulling it out, but Richou, I thought you could have done a little better here.

And I also have to put Michael Yani in this category, not because he's a loser but because his loss was so heartbreaking. He's never won a tour level match and loss to Lukas Lacko 12-10 in the fifth. Nightmare written all over it.

The disappointments: Richou, once again, I am looking at you.

Also, Novak Djokovic. I'm not expecting a lot from him in this tournament, but he really shouldn't have lost that set to Korolev. I know Korolev is fierce when he has his day, but he wasn't really having his day. Should have done better than that, Nole.

The scraped-in-by-the-skin-of-teeth: Why, hello, Andy Murray. I know you roared back after being down again, but you really didn't deserve this much. This level of play is not going to serve you well... though if you want to go back and practice on the grass a little early, keep playing like that. You'll get your wish.

One to watch: Stefanie Voegele. I was really impressed with the way she played in her match against Serena - she seriously tested her. She managed to break the Williams serve - no mean feat - and was tight with her all through the first set. She's only young and she has great potential - they make 'em good in Switzerland.

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