Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The End of Elena?

Going to keep this one short today - I just had one of my wisdom teeth out and I'm kind of groggy what with all the Novocaine, so forgive me is this doesn't make too much sense.

What we're going to muse on today for a few short paragraphs is Elena Dementieva, WTA Ironwoman, she who has played 46 straight Slams, and she who might reportedly be skipping Wimbledon due to injury. Yes, that's right, Elena 'I will play even if my legs are falling off' Dementieva could be out due to injury.

Now, if I were one of Lena D's rabid fans, I would be a little worried about this. Even as someone who appreciates her rather mildly, I am worried about this. When you're as seemingly imprevious to injury as this woman is and then you get injured so badly you have to pull out of Wimbledon...

It's not exactly a secret that Lena D had a chance at Roland Garros - a really good chance. She made it all the way to the semis before this injury sliced her down. But now that this injury has sliced her down, do we now have to put a line through her name as a Slam contender? Is Elena damned never to win that first elusive Slam, never to succeed at the big dance?

I would be inclined to say yes. I don't know exactly the nature of her injury, but if someone as tough as her is hurt so badly she just can't get up again, something is seriously wrong. And Lena is not young in tennis years either.

Is this the end of Elena?

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