Saturday, June 12, 2010

Those With Excuses and Those Without

I guess it has to happen sometimes - all the top seeds losing at once. But to say I didn't expect it to happen at Queen's would be an understatement.

Let's spare a thought for Halle, where all is progressing normally, before we talk Queen's mass exodus. I think I can safely say that I am quite happy with the results there and... actually, it's not that normal. We're in the semis and only the first and the eighth seeds are left. What's up with that?

...but at least Federer, being the still-standing top seed, has prevented the dystopia of Queen's.

Not only are we now missing Djokovic and Roddick, as mentioned yesterday, but Murray is gone and Nadal is gone. This I did not expect - not one little bit. All six of the top six seeds are now outty-5000.

I said some vaguely nice things about Andy Murray yesterday, and now I would like to take them all back. It will be a freaking miracle if he repeats his semi final run at Wimbledon. If he can't beat Mardy Fish at Queen's, I don't know how long he will stick it out at Wimbledon, carrying not only his whole demons but an entire nation on his shoulders. He is running out of time to get his head together. I know he lost in a third set tiebreak, but come on, Andy. Fish should be cake for you.

And Rafa. Oh, Rafa. I am a bit worried about you, boy. I am sensing injuries and I am sensing them badly. In one sense, losing now is one of the best possible things for his Wimbledon campaign, because even though he won't have the grass matches in, he will have some time to rest. But we know what Rafa injuries are like. If his knees are gone again, ten days with his feet up probably won't help much at all.

Though at least it looks like he'll actually, you know, make it to Wimbledon this year. Which is an improvement on last year. But don't freak me out like this, Rafa. Get better.

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