Monday, November 17, 2008

The Djokovic Gravy Train

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on there. When did Djokovic jump to within ten points of Federer in the rankings? How did that happen?
Well, I suppose I know how it happened - Federer lost points, because he won last year's Masters Cup, and Djokovic gained points, because he bombed out in round robin last year. But still - what? How on earth did that happen?
Granted, Federer hasn't had the bestest year ever this year, but he made it to three Slam finals and a semi, winning one Slam. Djokovic also won a Slam, but made only two semis and a second round (gotta love that Safin smackdown!) I suppose this is an indication of how little tennis is actually Slams. To be #1, you have to be consistent, week in, week out. Federer won no Masters Series crowns this year - and maybe that's where it tells. We see this with the Williams sisters, too - they play for Slams, not rankings, and as a result, they aren't as high up the ladder as they should be. Still, at least Djokovic is still behind the great man, even if it is only by ten points - and try gaining points at the Aussie Open, Novak. Just TRY.
One place he might gain points, however, is at the Brisbane International, the newly established tournament replacing the ATP tournament in Adelaide and the WTA tournament on the Gold Coast. Actually, there was a story on the Tennis Australia website today that enraged me. The title is 'Two Djokovics for the Price of One!' Yes, that's right - Novak has bought little brother Marko into another tournament... though at least it's only in doubles. Ire, ire, rage, rage. I posted a while back about Marko in Bangkok, and how it was unfair he got carded in. I am anti-riding on someone else's gravy train. Did you ever see Dinara Safina using Marat's fame to her advantage? If anything, she seemed kind of annoyed about it. Marko has been carded into the junior Aussie Open draw as well. I say but this - I hope he plays Tomic, and Tomic eats him for breakfast.

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