Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And The Moral Of The Story Is...

...when you have match points, you must convert them.

Roger Federer held three match points against Marcos Baghdatis today and failed to convert a single one, which led to him losing the match. I don't think this is indicative on any greater trends - guess it didn't just go his way today - but it does show that in tennis, it isn't so much winning points that matters, but which points you win. They both won the same number of points (108) but Baghdatis comes out with the W next to his name.

That's tennis. So let that be a lesson to you - convert the points that matter.

It's annoying that Roger is out of Indian Wells, but it's not a major crisis or anything. With him gone, I am now barracking whole heartedly for Rafa (even though his shorts are heinous). It's going to be interesting to see who steps up for this one.

Speaking of stepping up - Sam Stosur! She's into the quarters after a sizzling win over Vera Zvonareva, the defending champ. Seriously, MADE OF AWESOME. She has a great chance of winning the whole thing, and now that would be something else. She won her maiden singles title last year... to get the second one at a tournament this massive would be rad.

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