Wednesday, March 31, 2010

R-Fed Frustrated

Oh, Roger. T-Berd? Really?

I don't think the two losses Roger has taken in Indian Wells and Miami are indicative of much of anything. Certainly, I wouldn't go ascribing dire death spiral-ness to it like people have been with Djokovic and Murray. But what it really is very annoying - both for the fans and for Roger himself.

Against both Baghdatis and Berdych, he's held match points and been in a winning position and then thrown it away. In neither match did the true Roger really show up, but he fought his way to the bitter end only to get pipped at the post. It's not the end of the universe, but it's very frsutrating.

This is definitely not a 'thank God the hard court season is over' moment like last year, but I suspect one Mr Federer will be glad to step onto the clay. He's assured the #1 ranking for a while yet and I think the change of pace will calm him down and do him good. He has the ability to snap out of bad mindsets - and I think when he steps on the clay, the frustration will seep away also.

I hope, anyway.

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