Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Damn Hero

Some more on Davis Cup, because you know what? I forgot to write about the real star of the Davis Cup weekend, the real story, the real big damn hero.

David Nalbandian, take a bow.

A browse through the back archives of this blog will reveal that I don't often warm to Bandy, though I think he's an important dude to have in the game. He went out in, what, May? last year, and apart from a couple of sporadic appearances, hasn't been in the game since. He's not the youngest player on the court any more and I, to tell the truth, was expecting that a retirement announcement might not be so far fetched.

But no. Bandy might still have some injury woes, but he's still Bandy. And did he bring it or did he bring it for Argentina? I'll answer that - he brought it. It can't have been anything even resembling easy, having a vital rubber on your shoulders when your body is betraying you - and to double up from doubles and play (and win) that crucial singles rubber? Nothing short of awesome.

Argentina should be proud of you, Bandy. Even when you're practically in a wheelchair, you've still got the cojones to step out on that court and be a big damn hero. Respect.

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