Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Final

I wrote yesterday about how awesome Rafa is - because that dude's awesome. He did go out today, which was a bit sad, on account of how he is awesome. But you know who else is awesome?

Ivan Ljubicic. Seriously, I love that guy. He has to be one of the most eloquent men in tennis. And his story is so fascinating as well... and he's just such a good orator and statesman for the sport. This is starting to sound a lot like yesterday's post just with Ljubicic subbed in, so I will stop this ranty mcrant now.

But you know who else is awesome?

Andy Roddick. This dude deserves this final. He hasn't done anything massive since the Wimbledon final last year, but that final alone means that he deserves a big title. And if he can pull this one off, then I will be very happy. And if Ivan can pull it off, I will also be very happy.

I guess what I'm saying is that I dig this final. I really don't think anyone would have predicted it - Ljubicic especially, because he isn't exactly ranked #3 like when he made the final in 2006. But these guys are both so deserving of a big win. I love the randomness of this final - even though I love it when we get the big names in the final, it's always fun when you get a huge surprise.

And this final is a surprise, no questions there. But whoever wins it... it's going to be a great thing, and it's going to put a smile on my face.

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Bronze said...

So nice to see someone else pleased about Roddick-Ljubicic. I wish they could both win it!