Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Man in the Mask

So, tennis world, I feel like I've missed the memo. Is Gilles Simon awesome again? Did someone forget to tell me?

Seriously, you can't turn around these days without going, 'oh, Simon beat that vaguely competent guy? is he back or something?' Today, the vaguely competent guy is Michael Berrer, but there have been many much more competent dudes that Simon has got the W over lately.

I never had a lot of time for Gilles Simon when he was awesome. Part of this was me being a bitter Federfan - I cannot lie - but then there was that whole deal wherein, you know, he doesn't actually have any weapons. The best demonstration of this I ever saw was when Rafa hammered him at the AO in 2009. I feel like he's really good at pretending to be a good player but sometimes he gets exposed. And that's exactly what happened when he got de-awesomed.

But now he's all winning stuff, so the mask is back. But he did only beat Berrer in a third set breaker, so read into that what you will.

Oh, and Tursunov beat Gasquet. I'm a bit of a Tursunov fan, so yay, but seriously, Richou? Did that seriously just happen?


Yolita said...

So my question to you, Jodie, is: Who do you hate more, Gilles or Novak? My money would be on Novak!

Their match could be either a win-win or a lose-lose situation for you, depending on your perspective! :)

For me it's a win-win. I love them both!

Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

Simon never really impressed me in the past: I could never figure out how that guy got in the top 10. This year, I got to watch him at the Open in his second-round match against Phil Kohlschreiber and he came back to beat him in five. I didn't know he had that in him, but it seems like he's been really fighting to get back to the single digits ranking-wise. I admire him for that.