Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Radness of Rafa

Well, colour me unsurprised. Rafa Nadal has beaten Gael Monfils with supreme ease to win the title in Tokyo.

And it's time for another ode to how great Rafa is.

It's really rare that one talks in terms of poetry about Rafa. Poetry is reserved for Federer - and it's easy to see why. Federer's game is balletic, elegant, artistic. Rafa's game is a lot of things - brilliant among them - but 'balletic' is not a word that would usually get applied to it.

No, Rafa's game is pure prose. It doesn't need to be described it poetic terms because it's a prosaic game, and it should be discussed in prose.

What Rafa can do with a tennis racquet and a yellow ball is astounding. The way he moves is not godlike, it is Promethean. It is earthy and takes effort and you can feel the effort it takes. It is incredible what he can do. He has the strongest will of any player I have ever seen play, perhaps ever. He is mentally basically unbreakable.

Watching him almost makes you hurt sometimes - not because he is so good (which he is) but because watching him play looks physically painful. You wince but you can't look away. He is a warrior on court. He leaves nothing on that court.

And off the court he is one of the most humble, wonderful statesmen for the game we have ever seen.

I've said this before, but rock on, Rafa. You are awesome. Happy seventh title of 2010.

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