Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yeah, I'm Not Gloating Any More

Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Mr Federer. Yeah, you. I'm looking at you.

Remember how you played all those awesome matches this week? Remember how you humbled Soderling, spanked Djokovic? When you get into a final, you have to keep playing awesome. Small tip. Not brainfart a match away.

This was easily the worst match Roger has played all tournament and it was extremely annoying. I know he doesn't have the sort of issues with Murray that he has with Soderling and Djokovic at the moment - there's no revenge motif - but dude, giving him confidence = not a good idea. Winning tournaments = awesome. Losing four finals in a year = not awesome.

Like I said yesterday, I think Murray needed to win this one a lot more than Federer. And maybe it's good that Federer lost it so spectacularly, because in a way, Roger beat himself. Andy didn't. I think Murray would have taken much more psychological benefit away from a tight fought three setter where he triumphed than this easy win over SketchyFed (aka Ferd).

But a win is a win and Murray will take what he can get. Will this have any bearings on the Slams? Probably not. But Murray will be glad to tag Federer before the year is out and try to undo some of that Australian Open damage, that is for sure.

And Roger, really?! After those awesome performances this week, you had to give me this? Dude.

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