Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yeah, I'm Gloating

I'm not going to gloat.

Okay, maybe I am going to gloat a bit. SUCK ON THAT, NOVAK DJOKOVIC!

Yeah, yeah, Roger didn't play THAT well, and he'd swap finals - Shanghai for New York - any day. But he won. And that bitchslap - before 2011 starts - is very important. I'm sure Roger will want to finish the year victorious over all his nearest rivals. Consider yourself tagged, Novak.

I don't think this will really affect Djokovic - or Roger, really - that much. Neither is the other's bitch, and this match isn't going to change anything. But a win over a dude who beat him so heartbreakingly is only going to be good for Roger. And, oh yeah, he got the #2 spot back. AWESOME.

Next up: Murray. Considering he beat Monaco in the semis, Federer is in a bit of a different class. That said, we're never going to count Murray out of anything. This match will be interesting - Federer will be almost as keen to tag Murray as he was Djokovic, but if Murray ends up triumphing, I don't think it will have much bearing on their relationship where it really counts: the Slams.

So much as Roger will be keen to win this one, I think it's a little more important for Murray to win it. He'll be keen to get one back and end 2010 with a bit of a victory over the Federer Express. Will it undo the damage done at the Australian Open? Probably not. But it will important for Murray to get his head a little bit in the game. Just a crack.

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