Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bella and Miss Monica Make The Cut

I think the organisers of Brisbane have made a very wise decision in allocating their last two wildcards for the women's draw. I am quite excited about it, actually - the wildcards are going to Monica Wejnert and Isabella Holland.
Neither girls have played a WTA senior event before, but I think they could really go well. Sure, they're both only sixteen, but they've both been so impressive lately. Isabella Holland has been impressive for a while, but Monica Wejnert has really been a standout over the last month. That semi-final of the wildcard playoff when Wejnert defeated Holland could have easily been the final. Sure, Dokic eventually ended up winning the wildcard, but for me, Wejnert/Holland was the real final.
So do these girls have a chance? In future years, I would not be surprised at all if we were talking a whole lot about Wejnert and Holland. But this year... I would be shocked and awed if they won, but not shocked if they made it a round or two. Both of them are eminently capable of pulling an upset or a couple. I would actually love to see one of them play Ivanovic in the first round. Not only would that give them an idea of where they stand currently against one of the top women in the game, but I think one of them might actually be able to win. Julie Coin, anyone?
One thing that would be a bit sad is if Wejnert and Holland had to play each other in the first round, but I will be very, very, very happy if one of them makes it to the second round. They may only be sixteen now, but I will not be a bit surprised if these girls are very, very good in the future.

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