Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Marat In, Serena Out

Excellent news! Amazing news! News that makes me so happy I want to dance round the room!
Marat Safin is definitely playing Hopman Cup in January!
I knew all this stuff about retirement was just a pissy rant because he'd been losing so much. I think he and Dinara stand a legitimate chance of winning this thing - especially since the top team, the USA, has just taken a substantial blow: Serena Williams is out. I appreciate that Serena is good to play Hopman Cup and all when she does, but sometimes I don't like her attitude towards it. She sailed on late to it last year, leaving Meghann Shaughnessy to play her match in the first tie, and this year she's suddenly sick or hurt or something. News, Serena - it's in a month! Surely you'll be better by then...?
But what do I know, I guess. Hopman Cup is my favourite tournament EVER and it makes me sad when high profile people drop out.
But Marat is IN! How awesome is that! I wish I could afford to schlep across the country to see it, but it really might as well be in New Zealand or Indonesia somewhere - Perth is just so damn far away. Still! Awesomeness! Marat and Dinara! No words!
Actually, I wonder if Serena's withdrawal means the seeding will be altered... Marat and Dinara could be top seeds! Now that'd be an ego boost for the big guy... even if it was mostly on the recognisance of his kid sister.


Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

Hey Jodi, what's up? I don't know if anything has changed, but I saw yesterday that the seedings were going to remain the same, which is kind of odd since Shaughnessy has dropped so much. I've always liked the tournament, too: I hope this year's is a good one! I saw Hewitt's supposed to play for Australia: Is that still the case?

Jodi said...

Hewitt is definitely playing for Australia - and Casey Dellacqua as well. I don't hold out much hope for Lleyton (I think his wife is having a baby around then as well, which makes his decision a bit strange) but I think Casey will do us proud!