Monday, December 1, 2008

A Terribly Interesting Topic of Conversation

One of the top stories on the Tennis Australia website at the moment is about the weather for the Australian Open. THE WEATHER.
It's pretty standard when you have nothing to say to someone to talk about the weather, yeah? But if Tennis Australia is talking about the weather FOR THE END OF JANUARY on the first of December - if that is the sole tennis related thing there is to talk about - then I'm sorry, dear bloggers, but we are screwed.
Apparently the Australian Open will be mostly sunny, with some rain. What a huge surprise. I am astounded. That sounds totally different to all the other years. Thanks, Bureau of Meteorology. I am so shocked that you can probably feel it rolling off the page. Seriously, the weather? For January? I know that here it's really important to spread the slip slop slap wrap message and stuff, what with, you know, sun and skin cancer and suchlike, but is it really necessary to do that on the first of December.
Seriously, tennis world. Have we got nothing better to talk about?
...I clearly haven't. I'm sick of the off-season. I know the players need a holiday, but could they at least do something scandalous I could write about? If I have to write about the weather once more, then badness will ensue!

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TopSpin said...

Hey Jodi

Congrats on the First! Bet it was a lot of hard work, well worth it though I'm sure.

Oh and hang in there, we're just over 4 weeks away from Hopman Cup.