Thursday, December 25, 2008

To Boxing, To Tennis, To Sport

Today is not only Christmas - well, Boxing Day here in Australia - but it is the birthday of Tennis From The Backseat. That's right, this little blog turns one year old today.
I chose Boxing Day as the day to begin a blog not only because I was bored the day after Christmas and it occurred to me, but because it is pretty much the closest thing we have here to a national sporting holiday. Perhaps Melbourne Cup day (Family and Community Day my foot) could give it a run, but that's one sport. On Boxing Day we have sport all over the shop. The Boxing Day test, the Sydney-to-Hobart... Australia lazes around and works off its Christmas dinner by watching other people work hard.
Tennis itself doesn't start till January 3 here this year when the Hopman Cup starts, but still, Boxing Day belongs as much to tennis as any other sport. (Except, possibly, boxing... fear my excellent jokes.) It is a day to celebrate sport in all its glory... and to sit around and eat your leftovers, and hit the sales, if you're really adventurous, and go swimming and to the beach and all those other good summer things. If you're in Australia, that is... I imagine that wouldn't be so good overseas.
But today is for sport, tennis included. And let's face it... tennis is pretty awesome.

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