Saturday, September 11, 2010

Queen of Queens

I'm not going to write about the men's semis, primarily because it was just so disappointing. Fedal, denied again. Suffice it to say that Rafa, Novak, you were definitely the better players on the day. And Novak, I know we don't have a good history, but I do know it really was your turn. And you should be very proud.

Oh, and vamos Rafa.

What I can talk about is the women's final. I predicted Bepa yesterday due to the scratchy way Kim has been performing, and I was 100% totally wrong. Bepa was the one that went to pieces today, and boy, did she lose it in a big way. She was not half the player we saw line up against Wozniacki - not the player who did not lose a set en route to the final at all.

Bepa fell prey to her mental demons - the mental demons that plague all tennis players but which some players can manage better than most. Do I believe Bepa can win a Slam - like, if she has the game to do so? Absolutely. Do I think she will? Probably not, especially not after two disappointing finals losses.

But please, Bepa, prove me wrong. I am really, really happy to be wrong.

And then there is Kim Clijsters, the queen of Queens. What a beautiful moment it is whenever she wins a tournament. She is a gracious, charming victor... and it does not hurt that Jada is cute as a button. She played stunningly well in this match and really showed this tournament that she has the goods. She fought through tough matches where she looked down and out. She turned on the talent when it counted. She showed that she, herself, must always be counted. And congrats, Kimmie. You deserve all your glory.

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