Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rock On, Rafa

As a Federer fan and someone who is currently quite fond of the idea of the Roginator as the greatest of all time, it is difficult not to be a little sad at Rafa's career Slam.

So I have made up my mind not to be.

Let's just take a moment and give Rafa a round of applause because dude, DUDE, YOU ARE AMAZING. The stuff Rafa can do with a racquet and a yellow ball is out of sight. He is unbelievable - not in the same way Federer is unbelievable, but in a way of his own. Federer is like a ballet dancer on court. Rafa is like a video game - some indomitable monster that the opponent just cannot overcome. The way he smacks his forehand is terrifying. His passing shots fear other mere mortals with terror. And now he has a big-ass serve, well...

And he is smart! I wouldn't say he is the biggest tennis genius ever or anything, but damn does that guy know what he is doing on a tennis court. I feel very sorry for him sometime because he is always going to be talked about in reference to Federer, always going to be in Roger's shadow to some extent, even if he does one day surpass him in titles one, purely because Roger was first. But Rafa... Rafa is something else, and I think for a while, we need to talk about just him.

And damn it, I frigging love that kid. Roger love and Rafa love don't have to be exclusive. So rock on, Rafa. You keep vamosing through life, because I love your work. And dude, you are one of the greats of all time. No question about it.

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