Thursday, September 23, 2010

The State of Tennis Today

There comes a time when it's simpler to rhyme
Than write anything insightful
Tennis is so boring that I'm almost snoring
It is decidedly undelightful

We might get all bent talking of Tashkent
But in the end, it's not that exciting
What fun! and what mania! talking of Romania!
...somehow I don't find it inviting

It's like the game takes a walk at the end of New York
When we conclude at the US Open
Now it's a lull that's ever so dull
And to be honest, I find myself mopin'.

When Jodi turns to rhyme you know it is time
That something of import happen
But right now it's so tedious I've made up the word 'weedious'
So awful I see you all flappin'.

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