Wednesday, August 11, 2010

David and David

So Roger didn't play his bestest tennis yesterday, but he won, and that made me happy. And his strawberry pink shirt also made me happy. It's so nice to see him wear something that's not blue.

Yes, I am shallow.

But happy as I was that my beloved R-Fed made it through, the match of the day went to David vs David, Nalbandian vs Ferrer, who played an absolute barnburner. It was close, but Nalbandian came out on top, and I think that's really telling. If he can keep his legs under him against an Energiser Bunny like Ferrer, then he's got a really good chance of holding his own against similar players. Like Nadal. Oh yes.

I love that Nadal/Nalbandian match up and I am gagging to see it again. We haven't seen Rafa since Wimbledon, so we don't know what's going on with him so much, but I'm presuming he's still keeping on keeping on, being Rafa and being awesome. Nalbandian in this kind of form... that could be lethal.

And hey, Nalbandian just finished his next match, and he absolutely slaughtered Tommy Robredo. There's a message to all the Spaniards out there... (okay, I haven't really looked at the draw and I don't know if Nalbandian is drawn to face Nadal any time soon, but I really want it to happen).

Nalbandian hasn't tested himself against a top ten player yet since his resurgence (I think? Unless I missed it?) and I'll be really interested to see how he does when that time come - because that time is clearly a-coming, with the way he's playing. Who knows what havoc Nalbandian can wreak? He could win this whole damn tournament, and I don't know if anyone would, at the end of the day, be surprised.

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