Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Please Do Not Feed the FeVer

Pretty standard results today. Roger won (well, in a retirement, but still). Rafa won. Muzz won. Novak won. Sod won. Nalbandian won. Even Roddick won.

But you know who didn't win? Fernando Verdasco. And considering his ranking, I am finding this problematic - because FeVer hasn't won so much in a long time.

The whole David Nalbandian being oh so very close to a US Open seed even though he hasn't even really played for, like, forever is a real sign of the huge jumps one can make in the rankings system by suddenly being awesome. You'd think that sucking hard over a long period of time would send you down the rankings. But look at Juan Martin del Potro - sure, he's still carrying Slam points, but he's been sitting in the top ten for ages. I don't think he's there any more, but he's been a-sitting there.


So why hasn't FeVer plummetted? Because I seriously can't remember the last time he did something awesome.

And he lost to Mardy Fish as well. I know Fish is playing well at the moment, but at the end of the day, he's just not that great. FeVer is capable of playing spectacularly. We know this. We were there for AO '09. So what's up with him?

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