Saturday, August 7, 2010


Whoa, whoa, whoa - so Marin Cilic hasn't been in the best form this year, but he was absolutely massacred by David Nalbandian in Washington. Not just beaten. Slaughtered.

Daveed is back, and he's here to bring pain. Pain and blood and brimstone and people are scared, yo.

One of my favourite matchups in tennis is Nadal/Nalbandian, when both guys are reasonably in form, and if the chips fall right, we might get this some time in the next few weeks. Rafa is coming off a big Wimbledon win, but I'm calling it early - Daveed has the potential to be this year's Juan Martin del Potro and go on an absolute tear of winningness. He is in a ferocious mood, and he is massacring opponents that he has no right to massacre.

It is ON, amigos. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

And the same thing (to a lesser extent) goes for Sveta Kuznetsova. She absolutely pounded Flavia Pennetta in San Diego, and I'd rate her a really good chance for the final... if she keeps it together. Nalbandian is notoriously sketchy - hence the GoodDave/LameDave dichotomy - but Sveta takes headcase to another level. Keep it together, Sveta, because you have the game to beat anyone, anytime, if your head's in the game.