Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not His Destiny

So I'm sitting here watching ATP World Tour Uncovered, because, you know, that is what you do sometimes, and there is a feature on Tomas Berdych. 'Huh,' say I, because I am still a bit sore at Berdych for all the pain he has inflicted on my beloved Roger Federer this year, and don't really pay too much attention.

And then they ask, 'so when will Tomas Berdych win a Grand Slam?'

Whoa. We're talking in 'when' now? Whatever happened to 'if'?

I will tell you one thing and it is this - I do not believe Tomas Berdych will ever win a Grand Slam. (Watch him go ahead and win one now.) I think that at the end of the day, no matter how great his year this year has been, he is going to be remembered as an underachiever. If he was playing like he is now three years ago, then I would have been all 'sure, Berdych, Slam winner, I believe you'. But now...? I think Berdych has reached (and maybe passed) the height of his powers. I think the train has left and if he's clinging onto anything, it's the caboose.

I got a bit caught up in metaphors there, but what I think is this: you can cry 'late bloomer' till the cows come home, but I think Tomas has missed the up-and-comer part of his career. He can make a surge here all he wants. He can win Masters titles, if he wants. But a Slam...? I do not think that destiny is one for Berdych.

Where I do think Berdych can attain tennis glory is in Davis Cup. But I just don't see Berdych, Slam winner. It does not compute.

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