Sunday, August 15, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

Okay, now I really am running out of pink-themed phrases. I might have to let it go now.

I don't think anyone was really expecting Federer to win this match, but I know he hoped he would. However, losing here is not the end of the world. He has the #2 ranking back for a week, and I don't think this will have damaged his confidence against Murray in the best-of-5 arena at all. And although he's played some really good stuff this week, he's also played some truly, truly dreadful tennis. And he still made the final. And that says something.

The emphasis is more here for Murray. He described this as one of the best weeks of his life, and while I don't want to call it a turning point for him, he did win his first title of the year and he did beat Nalbandian, Nadal and Federer en route, who arguably make up the other three of the top four US Open contenders. (Djokovic = arguable, in my book.)

And so what he gets here is confidence. What he gets here is momentum. And now the question is - what is he going to do with it?

A tiny part of me is glad Federer didn't play so well this week because I don't want him to peak too early. I don't want to say Murray is in danger of this - he doesn't have too many fitness issues - but he should just make sure he doesn't psychologically peak too early. Ask Sam Querrey - it's one thing to win the US Open series, quite another to win the US Open.

But this can be nothing but good for Murray. I feel like it's a pretty positive outcome for Federer as well. And I think we'll get a much clearer indication of where everyone stands when we move into Cincinatti next week... please, Roger, keep wearing that shirt. Strawberry fields forever. (Sorry. It had to be done.)