Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Flashbacks

At the risk of sounding totally hackneyed and cliched, the winners this weekend really have been a blast from the past.

On the subject of blasting, that was exactly what did David Nalbandian did to his opponents in Washington. It was merciless mass murder - and that is not an exaggeration. Maybe it's because del Potro is out and due to lose a buttload of points and Nalbandian wants to regain that coveted Argentinian number #1 spot, or maybe he's just enjoying being on the tennis court, but Nalby is on FIRE out there. This is like that tear he went on during the indoor season a while back. I really hope he can keep this up, because he could be fierce during the US Open, and we could see some MATCHES.

(Here's hoping he's seeded by then. Imagine drawing Nalby first round!)

And then there's Sveta, who took out Aga Radwanska. She almost choked it away, but then she, you know, didn't, and I really hope she can keep up this level of confidence because I freaking LOVE SVETA. It's a trial, being a Sveta fan, but when she's on she can beat just about anyone. And I love it when she does, because I think she's awesome.

And then last but by no means least, hidden but not forgotten, Jelena Dokic is on an absolute tear. She's just won three ITF titles on the trot and is on about a fifteen match winning streak. She's definitely in a position to be in the main draw at the US Open and maybe, finally, something good can happen for Jelena. God knows it's her turn!

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sam said...

Top 10 latest ATP Tennis Rankings

1. Rafael Nadal, Spain,10,745 points

2. Novak Djokovic, Serbia, 6,905

3. Roger Federer, Switzerland, 6,795

4. Andy Murray, Britain, 5,305

5. Robin Soderling, Sweden, 4,835

6. Nikolay Davydenko, Russia, 4,285

7. Juan Martin del Potro, Argentina, 4,270

8. Tomas Berdych, Czech Republic, 3,780

9. Andy Roddick, United States, 3,490

10. Fernando Verdasco, Spain, 3,475.