Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amazing Andrey

Everything I said yesterday about Andrey Golubev I want to say again. But more.

I knew you could do it, Andrey! Who was it that picked you out at the beginning of the year and said 'watch this kid'? It might have been a bunch of people, but one of them was me. This obviously shows tremendous foresight and insight and other kinds of -sight on my behalf.

But enough on how awesome I am. Let's talk about how awesome you are!

Clearly more kids should train on courts that have no room behind the baseline, because I think that has given you some really excellent habits - like the way you take the ball ridiculously early. And I mean ridiculously - when you're on fire, Andrey, and you're hitting the lines, there's just no way to compete with that. You have the capacity to outplay just about anyone, if you have your day. You're just that kind of guy.

I am so, so proud of you for winning your first title. Don't feel that you have to be this year's Juan Martin del Potro and win four on the trot or anything... but if you did that, I wouldn't be miffed. Just keep on winning matches, Andrey. Keep on hitting the lines. Keep on taking the ball early and making everyone really, really scared of you. Because you know what, Andrey? You have the potential to be something else entirely.

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