Monday, July 19, 2010

Spanish Weekend

I am never quite sure what to make of Nicolas Almagro. Sometimes I think he is the Prince of Clay and that he can do just about anything. A lot of the other times I forget about him completely.

He's been pretty much in the forgotten camp of late, especially in the grass season. The ascendancy of Rafa (and, to some extent, of Feliciano Lopez) has assuaged the tendency for people to think that Spaniards can't play on grass, but Almagro is still one of the forgotten ones. And he really hasn't done anything spectacular all year (though he did play part of an awesome five setter in Australia against Jo Tsonga, if I remember rightly.)

But that said, though I do forget about him, I do like watching him play. He is very entertaining and even though I am quite fond of Robin Soderling, I was glad to see Almagro take the title in Stuttgart this weekend. I don't think Almagro is ever going to be one of the greats, but he has the potential to be one of the pretty-damn-goods, so here's hoping he can keep his form hot into the summer.

Speaking of Spaniards, what's got into Albert Montanes this year? He just won a title and has been having an awesome, Federer-beating year. Who woulda thunk?