Friday, July 16, 2010

Safin Suited

So someone put Marat Safin in a suit. What's up with that?

The Kremlin Cup is so going to be the most awesome tournament this year. It might be catastrophic and disastrous - is anyone else having real problems imagining Marat Safin as an office dude? - but it will be awesome. In my mind, it will be full of Safinesque fun.

There was an article on about 'Safin the Suit', and I am just having real problems picturing that. Not vodka-drinking, racquet-smashing Marat? Surely not? Apparently he showed at Wimbledon last week to convince people to play in his tournament, and I really hope it succeeded.

I thought I had all these things to say about this, but I'm really just stuck on Safin in a suit. It's very counterintuitive.

I am glad, however, that the world of tennis has not lost Marat Safin, and that he's sticking around, even if he's all suited up. I'm really looking forward to see how his baby Moscow tournament turns out. Wish I could go there, really... it would be fun times. Maybe Marat would be around, wink wink.

So yeah. That's my point. Yay Marat still being around. And yay for the beautiful chaos that will be in his tournament (in my mind).