Friday, July 23, 2010

The First Kiddies

Three very important people in the world of tennis were born today. None of them actually play the game (at least, not very well) but all three of them have changed the way we view the sport.

The first of them is obviously me. I mean, what would modern tennis be without my wondrous incredibly insightful ramblings on Tennis From The Backseat wherein I am always right, never repeat myself and write excellent things all the time, because I am just that awesome?

The other two (who may be, I concede, sliiiiiiiiiiiiiightly more worldshaking) are Charlene Riva and Myla Rose Federer, who turn one year old today. I don't know if Mama and Papa Federbear have let them touch a tennis racquet in their life, but these two little munchkins have changed the tennis landscape in a palpable way. They really are the Mighty Babes, the First Children of tennis.

Everyone wondered, when Mirka Federer's pregnancy was announced, whether having kids would effectively turn Roger's mighty tennis mind into mush and whether he would ever be the same again. He proved them wrong, most emphatically. He said himself that he wondered, right after they found out Mirka was pregnant, whether he would be able to concentrate... and then stepped out on court at the Australian Open and beat Juan Martin del Potro 6-3 6-0 6-0, which was a bit all right.

And then he won the French Open.

And then he won Wimbledon.

And then his daughters were born, and it was all, 'oh, all right, they're here now, will he start going downhill?'

Roger might not be playing fantastically at this very moment, but he has been so awesome in the tennis world since Myla and Charlene were born - Australian Open, anyone - and I don't think it's any question he'll resurface when he's ready. He has said himself that he wants his kids to be able to see him play - and I think we all know that if Myla and Charlene are watching, Daddy wants to make them proud.

Happy birthday, little Federers. 23 July is when all the cool kids are born. Love, your fairy godmother.

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