Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sixteen Is More Than Eight. This Is Maths.

So there are all these articles floating around asking if Rafa is the greatest of all time.

To which I say, guys, come on.

Maybe, in the future, there will be a case to be made for Rafa. If you want me to believe that he is one of the all time greats - maybe even in the top five - I have a lot of time for you. Rafa is going to go down in history, that is for sure. He has eight Slams now - as many as Agassi - and considering that he's only 24 and I'd lay money on him winning, absolute minimum, two more Slams, then there is definitely a case to be made for him to be one of the greats.

I know Federer lost in two consecutive quarter finals. I know this. But he still has sixteen Slams. He still has pretty much every record there is in the history of tennis. The title of 'greatest of all time' - which, I would argue, and I would have a good case for, is rightfully his - still sits firmly on his shoulders. Just because he did not have the six bestest weeks of his life ever does not mean it suddenly switches to Rafa.

This is not to say that Rafa might not end up eclipsing Roger's records. He's improving all the time. I wouldn't say it was a probability, but it's a possibility.

But right now? As of July 2010? Nadal might have won the last two Slams, but Federer's still the greatest. He's still got the sixteen Slams, the 285 weeks at #1, the 23 semis, the 25 quarters, the billion other insane records. And while Nadal might eclipse all of these, he hasn't yet. Federer's still the greatest. Six not-so-great weeks (by his standards) aren't going to change that any time soon.

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TennisAce said...

As far as I am concerned even if Nadal eclipses Federer in terms of Slam wins, he will never be the greatest.

Until he can consistently defend a title other than clay (something he has never done) then I will put him in the narrative, but for now, he has 2 Wimbledon titles, 5 French Opens and 1 Australian Opens. He is now selectively playing in order to protect his "knees" (that is another story unto itself). Those damned knees clearly need their own PR team.