Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breaking Glass, Breaking the Draw Open

What is it with American tennis players and freak glass related injuries? First Sam Querrey goes through a coffee table and needs some stupid amount of stitches, and now Serena is out for a good few months after treading on broken glass on a restaurant.

I can't quite understand how that happened, but I do know that there must be one terrified restaurant owner out there quivering in their boots anticipating the wrath of Serena.

Is this just bad luck for Serena? Or is it the universe's way of ensuring she doesn't win three Slams this year and make the rest of the women in the field look a little bit ridiculous?

I mean, if Serena says she'll be ready for the US Open, I believe her. But coming in on no matches is definitely not the bestest prep ever. And it's a little bit sad that even though she'll be coming in matchless and to the scene of her greatest ever humiliation, she's still the favourite.

So if Serena doesn't win in New York, who is going to step up to the plate? That is the question now. Will it be Kim Clijsters in a fairy tale repeat? Or will someone else make a dash on it? Given Serena's injury, basically any winner is going to be a surprise winner. That broken glass just broke the draw wiiiiiiiide open. It's going to be an interesting US Open indeed.

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