Monday, July 26, 2010

The Great Game of Wait and See

So Paul Annacone, huh.

Everyone seems to have a lot to say about this whole - rather sudden - development, and I feel a bit left out, because I don't really have too much of an opinion.

I never really followed Sampras that much - I was too young - and so I can't really make any grandiose sweeping statements on how Annacone affected Pete's career or anything. Basically all I've got against that aspect of the story is that Sampras = pretty good, so Annacone must have a little something something going on.

But Federer is such a different player.

What I do know is this - Federer's at his lowest rank in a number of years. Something is clearly not working for him - whether it's the niggling injury he seems to be carrying or whether he's just in a funk. The best way to change things up and make a difference? Change something around you. So regardless of who Annacone is, I think this is a good move from Roger's perspective - even just psychologically. Things around him are different, and so he is different. I just hope Severin doesn't get too offended.

As to how the partnership will work out...? I have no grandiose predictions. I don't know enough. All I can say is this: wait and see.

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