Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caring About Davis Cup

Welcome to episode #70348502845098 of 'Davis Cup, ain't nobody gonna take you seriously when you're scheduled like that'.

Seriously. The week after Wimbledon. This is not just the week after a Slam, but the week after the six most intense tennis weeks of the year. And you expect the big boys to play? Ahahahahahahahaha.

I don't know how much influence the Players' Council have over stuff like this, but the scheduling of Davis Cup is something that Roger and Rafa and the boys might want to work into their meetings. Because with scheduling like this, nobody who is anybody is going to play it. And I'm assuming that Davis Cup wants and needs people who are anybody playing it.

Davis Cup is supposed to be this big prestigious thing, but when you can't get the big players playing because the scheduling is so stupid, then it devalues itself. And in reality, with the calendar the way it is, there are precious few times that are good times for Davis Cup, times where it doesn't detract from an individual's career. The weekend after Wimbledon is possibly the worst time ever, but there's not exactly many good times. Even the final takes up precious off season time - and considering how little time players get off, I can understand how a lot of them would be loath to play. Davis Cup is making itself really hard to care about for a lot of players.

I've heard a few people say that Davis Cup would be better if it were all played across a two week period, and you know what? I agree. The two week tournament is the most prestigious thing there is in our sport, and so you'd be lifting the profile right there. It would be like a Slam, but for nations. It would require a significant overhaul of the Davis Cup brand and I'm sure there would be some resistance, but I think in the end, it would be for the best. Because then, I think, people would start caring about Davis Cup again.

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