Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting Down With WTT

So, world, level with me. What's the deal with World Team Tennis?

In a schedule that's already packed, I'm not quite sure why people would play World Team Tennis - though I suppose it comes with a big pay day - but I certainly think it is a lot of fun! And it's a viable alternative to the seniors tour that gives people who have retired the opportunity to keep playing professional tennis in a way that is fun and exciting.

And would anyone deny that the Venus Williams/Martina Hingis match up is the most keenly anticipated match of the week - including everything that's going down in Davis Cup?

I'm not exactly sure what the rules are - I have a notion that there is no ad scoring - and there is a crazy coloured court. It seems to be restricted pretty much to the US, but I remember a WTT exo that went on on Margaret Court Arena during the Australian Open this year which was big fun. I'd love to see it played more - maybe not so much with the current big time players, though if they want to play it, more power to them - but with some of the old stars. Hingis, Kournikova, Davenport... they all play WTT and it seems like a perfect fit. I want to see Marat Safin play it. I think it'd be rad.

In short, from what I know of WTT, I think it's awesome. It doesn't dovetail especially well with the actual tour, but it is good fun and allows tennis to be a team sport. I think it's especially good for some ex-pros... and I hope to see more of it. Unless it has some major failing of which I am not aware. But I don't think it does. So yay WTT! Let us see more!

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TennisAce said...

WTT is fun. I look forward to it every year on Tennis Channel. You are right the match between Venus and Hingis was lots of fun. The Williams Sisters play WTT because of Billie Jean King. I even have a team that I root for every year. I love the Kastles (they have Serena and Venus on their team) and it is good to see the players in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Watching WTT you will see players just bust a move to the music being played and the dynamic amongst fellow pros is just awesome to see. It shows some players in a totally different light. Players like Sharapova, Serena, Venus, Andy, Lindsay etc all come alive during WTT. It is like you are watching a totally different person than the one you see playing on the regular tour.

The best part of the Kastles match was the mixed doubles when Venus aced Scoville Jenkins. The look on his face said it all. Everybody kept ragging on him because he got aced by a girl. Venus then started laughing and dancing away. It was great to see.

I remember one year JMac was across the team from Sharapova and you should have seen Sharapova at the net against JMac. It was hilarious. JMac said he appreciate now hard the women really hit the ball. Lots of power.