Saturday, July 31, 2010

Upping the Awesome Level

Well, well, well, Vika Azarenka seems to be pulling herself together. And so does Maria Sharapova. I am going to be very interested to see how this final tomorrow turns out.

Both of these ladies have been spectacularly disappointing this year - more so Vika, really, as MaSha sort of does still have that injury comeback thing going for her, I suppose. Both ladies have incredible amounts of potential - slam winning, I would argue. (In MaSha's case, this isn't even an argument - it's a fact). And so it's nice to see them back on track.

I'm definitely not Victoria Azarenka's biggest fan, but she really did bring something to the game. She has a particularly brand of fierce emotional tennis that is somewhere between compelling and disturbing. When she redlines her game, I think just about anyone would be hard pressed to beat her - Serena Williams from the Australian Open 2009 would agree with me on this one. But she hasn't found that redline so far this year.

Until now.

I'm annoyed she took out Sam Stosur, obviously, but I want the US Open to be interesting, damn it, and that means having as many of the top ladies in form as possible. And so if Vika and MaSha can bring their best games to the table, I say bring it and bring it HARD. Let's see how much awesome we can get in place come September.

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